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About Us

“Have you ever paused to ponder the enigma of the Joker's absence from the game? This enigmatic figure possesses the uncanny ability to single-handedly reshape the very fabric of the game itself."

In that remarkable moment when technology graced us with the ability to encapsulate a singular instant in all its visual splendour, the very landscape of storytelling underwent an irrevocable transformation. No longer confined to merely depicting what met the eye, we gained the profound capacity to manifest the visions that danced within our minds. Here, at Joker Films, we have harnessed this ideology to offer you the extraordinary power of rendering your imagination into tangible reality. Our mission is to transform your concepts into tangible expressions, allowing the world to experience life through the lens of your unique perspective.

Our Story

Since our inception in the year 2010, Joker Films has risen as a meteor in the realm of creativity, establishing itself as one of India's most rapidly flourishing full-service creative agencies and production houses. Over the past decade, we've had the honour of being entrusted by leading Indian brands to be the architects of their brand narratives. Our expertise extends far beyond crafting captivating ad films, corporate videos, and brand promotional content; we offer a comprehensive array of 360-degree marketing services.
At Joker Films, we boast a squad of brilliant minds—individuals whose unwavering can-do spirit and boundless enthusiasm propel us to embrace novel creative challenges with unwavering determination. We approach each task with an unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of creativity. We are renowned for providing end-to-end solutions, shouldering the burden so you can focus on your core objectives. Within our ranks, we house an internal dream team, comprising writers, producers, and directors, designers,  capable of conjuring any type of video at a moment's notice to meet your precise requirements. Our mission is to help you articulate your story to the world in the most imaginative and relatable manner possible.
So, whether you find yourself facing a project that seems audacious and a deadline that was due yesterday, rest assured that we, the jesters of Joker Films, will respond with an unequivocal "Challenge accepted!" followed by the three magical words that set our creative journey into motion: Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!

Meet The Team

Himanshu M Sharma, Founder

Director & Executive Producer

Himanshu dons many feathers on his cap. Himanshu started his career as a photographer and his go-getter approach landed him an opportunity to work with the pioneer of Indian Advertising - Mr. Prahlad Kakkar. He comes with a great experience of working on more than 500 commercials, he moved on to become an independent Director in the field. With the learning and gradual growth, he achieved great success and gained many renowned awards, like Abby Fest, Grand Prix and more. His core strength lies in adding up the substantial value to every project undertaken by him at Joker Films. Armed with immense knowledge in the fields of Direction, Advertising, production and marketing, Himanshu believes in growing big with a team that delivers quality. He plays an instrumental role in building and maintaining the relationship with the clients and managing projects for the best results..

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Vikrant Yadav

Writer & Director

Vikrant Yadav who had been associated as a Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett, is a luminary in the world of advertising and creative storytelling. With a distinguished career spanning several renowned agencies and a plethora of ground-breaking campaigns to his credit, he epitomises creative excellence and visionary leadership. Vikrant's journey at Leo Burnett commenced with a game-changing idea for Bajaj V, where he donned the role of a visionary, and the project became an instant sensation. Under his stewardship, this campaign soared to unimaginable heights, garnering acclaim both nationally and internationally, including the prestigious Cannes Effective Lion Gold in 2017, Grand Effie’s, and an array of other coveted awards.

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Abinash Sahoo

AI Strategist

With an impressive 27 years of experience in the IT industry Abinash has honed his skills and expertise to the cutting-edge fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT). He has advanced his level to apply these transformative technologies to a diverse array of industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking, Aviation, Mining, and Advertising. Within these sectors, He has been contributing to innovative solutions that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the digital landscape. He has been focused and dedicated to drive technological advancements and provide tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

    Diiksha Nagpal

    Director / Choreographer

    Diiksha Nagpal is a renowned dance director and choreographer with over 12 years of dedicated experience in the Indian film and television industry. A classically trained dancer, she possesses a multifaceted talent, excelling in a diverse range of styles, including jazz, Bollywood, and hip-hop. Her choreographic and directorial expertise can be witnessed in a wide array of projects, including web series, music videos, television serials, and films, all produced by renowned and prominent production houses and labels. With a passion for dance that shines through in her work, Diiksha Nagpal continues to make a significant impact on the Indian entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her creative vision and exceptional choreography.

      Saif Ansari

      Line Producer

      Saif Ansari brings 8 years of experience in managing production operations across diverse industries. He excels in production processes, resource management, and logistical coordination. Saif adeptly leads cross-functional teams, facilitating seamless coordination among various departments in the production process.

        Sonali Gupta, Co-Founder

        Managing Director & Producer

        Affable and accommodative, she is always full of energy and creative ideas. She is pragmatic in her approach and her ability to multitask makes her the most valuable assets to Joker films. She has been the brain when it comes to concept development and content creation. Her creativity is beyond the realms but what makes her distinctive is her eye for detail. She carries the baton of all projects on her shoulders and takes rest only when the project has seen the light of the day. Don’t get baffled by her smile, she is a hard-core professional who is always ready to roll her sleeves up to take any new challenge.

          Ronak Patwa

          Creative & Strategist

          Ronak is a visionary, curious and a coruscate. He likes to dwell on the clients brief and finds his peace of mind in formulating strategies, advertising and project management. He has a knack for anything branding and leads as a relationship manager and a creative consultant bringing sanity while brainstorming. Here at Joker Films, he uses her creative skills to put together incredible ideas & redefine genres.

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          Zenish Mehta

          CG Strategist

          Zenish Mehta is a artist, an animator, VFX director and a storyteller who has worked on several TVCs and features. He has directed several short films and advertisements for companies like Nutella, Pharmerz and Action shoes. He has also worked in films like Cargo, Fitoor, Gurgaon, Gujjubhai, the Time Machine etc.

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          Badal Pandey

          Creative Director & Associate Producer

          Badal Pandey boasts years of experience in leading creative projects across industries. His advertising background equips him with expertise in visual storytelling, brand development, and creative strategies. Badal excels in team collaboration, ensuring innovative and cohesive solutions. He oversees projects from concept to completion, maintaining brand consistency. With a keen eye for detail, Badal ensures smooth operations and timely project delivery.

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